Data Management for Infrastructure

The Autodesk® data management solution is available for civil infrastructure and delivers a workflow-driven environment that helps automate, standardize, and track project processes. This allows you to manage user access and improve accessibility of project content within small and large teams, and supports collaboration across multiple locations. This provides you a single source of truth for your engineering documentation.

Get Started

Autodesk Vault Basic
Data management software helps organisations keep track of digital design data.

Vault Basic is free to all AutoCAD customers on Maintenance Plan. System requirements for teams less than 10 people are low and therefore can be implemented at a relatively low cost.

Autodesk Vault Workgroup
Vault Workgroup delivers lifecycle and revision control processes directly inside AutoCAD, which promotes faster cycle times and better quality documentation and control.

Autodesk Vault Professional
Take full advantage of advanced functionality to track design changes orders, allow collaboration and synchronise documentation across multiple office locations.

Autodesk Vault Office
As an extension for non-CAD users, Vault Office offers quick and easy access to design data through a simple web browser or by using the Microsoft Office integrations. Additionally, Vault Office enables users to add their own files to Autodesk Vault.
(Requires Vault Workgroup Server, or Vault Professional Server)