Autodesk Vault Professional brings these benefits to AutoCAD Plant:

  • Local workspace – You no longer keep your working files on a network share. You modify vault projects files in your local workspace folder and synchronize them to the vault.
  • Check-in and check-out document management – The Project Manager is fully integrated with Autodesk Vault. The Project Manager prompts you to check out files as you work.
  • Automatic file versions – You can view or restore the previous revision of a file.
  • Master project database – Vault projects use SQL Server for the project database. The master database is always synchronized to match the files that are checked in to the vault.
  • User authentication and access control – Administrators can manage access to a vault project using the Autodesk Data Management Console. You can easily set up user accounts and assign roles for each vault.
  • Replication – Everyone across a distributed network can access to the current files.

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Autodesk Vault Professional
Take full advantage of advanced functionality to track design changes orders, allow collaboration and synchronise documentation across multiple office locations.

Vault Professional is the only Vault software suitable for Process & Plant Industry

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