BIM 360 Design Features

Get started by connecting your entire design team and project data in one place. Use cloud worksharing directly in Revit. No user limits. No storage limits.


Single Project Repository

  • Unlimited storage
  • Support for all file types
  • Project activity log
Access controls

  • Project- and folder-level access rights
  • Define access by role, company, user
  • Assign five permission levels

  • List and thumbnail views
  • Version control and rollback
  • Single viewer for 2D and 3D files


Change visualisation 

  • View added, removed, or modified elements
  • Understand changes in context between aggregated models in a single space
  • Navigate change visualisation by team, phase, building level and more
Deliverable coordination

  • Reduce rework with trackable project activity
  • Facilitate model exchange and deliverable coordination
  • Curate sets to separate work-in-progress from shared files



  • Online and offline access on Web, phone & tablet
  • PDF and model viewer, optimized for Apple iOS
  • Navigate between documents without closing viewer



BIM Collaborate vs BIM Collaborate Pro

Compare BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro design collaboration and co-ordination software for architecture, engineering and construction projects.

All the features described below are available for both projects on the unified Autodesk Construction Cloud platform as well as the BIM 360 platform.





Design collaboration and coordination software that helps teams manage design co-creation and assess constructability. Includes all the same features and capabilities available in BIM Collaborate. Also includes co-authoring capabilities for teams that need to edit Revit, Civil 3D and AutoCAD Plant 3D designs in real time.

  • Cloud-based document management, project administration, and advanced analytics
  • Design review and coordination, including automated clash detection

  • Cloud co-authoring in Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • Cloud-based document management, project administration, and advanced analytics
  • Design review and coordination, including automated clash detection

  • Cloud-based document management: Simplify access to relevant 2D sheets, 3D models, and office files in a common data environment.
  • Account and project administration: Set up and manage teams in one place, with full view of access and permissions across projects.
  • Project timeline: Exchange data between teams in design packages, tracking progress for all disciplines with dates and contents.
  • Managed trust workflow: Control the real-time data your designers and consultants have access to in order to manage complexity, avoid miscommunication and reduce rework.
  • Document approvals and version control: Ensure the project team is always working off of the latest models with automated version control.
  • Change analysis: Understand how published changes from other teams impact ongoing work, within the context of the full project model.
  • Version compare: View added, removed, or modified elements between versions by disciplines affected and modification type, in any web browser.
  • Aggregated model view: Contextually navigate between 2D sheets and 3D views with pan, orbit, walk, and more.
  • Automated clash detection: Upload models to automatically detect clashes, viewing results in an intuitive clash matrix.
  • Sandboxed coordination spaces: Explore options, run clash analysis, and assess constructability against shared models without disrupting work by other teams.
  • Issue management: Identify and assign action items and centrally manage open issues.
  • Connections to Navisworks & Revit: Issues created in Design Collaboration and Model Coordination can be viewed and actioned in either Navisworks or Revit (currently available for BIM 360 projects only).
  • Project analytics and insights: Leverage advanced analytics from your centralized project data, export this data if needed, and use to identify and mitigate risk.
  • BIM 360 Glue: BIM Collaborate includes access to the BIM 360 Glue service, which also covers the Navisworks Manage and Point Layout entitlements.

  • See full list of BIM Collaborate features and capabilities in the left column, including document management, project timeline, managed trust workflow and more.
  • Revit cloud worksharing: Collaborate in real time with contributors across teams, disciplines, and time zones using cloud-based Revit worksharing. Check out Revit elements or families as you normally would, then sync with central or publish to the cloud for faster co-creation on a central platform.
  • Collaboration for Civil 3D: Create, edit, and reference Civil 3D files, data shortcuts, and xrefs across teams, companies, and time zones in the cloud. Use familiar workflows via a Desktop Connector-enabled connected drive.
  • Collaboration for Plant 3D: Securely share AutoCAD Plant 3D files across teams, companies, and time zones. Centrally organize projects, view changes in a web browser, and maintain compliance requirements.
  • When using cloud co-authoring services Revit Cloud Worksharing, Collaboration for Civil 3D, and Collaboration for AutoCAD Plant 3D:
    • Projects on BIM 360 will support Revit 2018.3 or later, Civil 3D 2020.2 or later, and AutoCAD Plant 3D 2021 or later.
    • Projects on the unified platform will support Revit 2018.3 or later, Civil 3D 2020.5.1 or later, and AutoCAD Plant 3D 2021 or later.

  • Supports most current browsers; 64-bit browsers are recommended for optimal viewing experience
  • iPhone (5S+)
  • Air, Pro, Mini 2 and above
  • Android devices that support WebGL

  • Supports most current browsers; 64-bit browsers are recommended for optimal viewing experience
  • iPhone (5S+)
  • Air, Pro, Mini 2 and above
  • Android devices that support WebGL

Autodesk Licensing Explained

Autodesk licenses are designed to make using our products easier, no matter what project you’re working on. Whether you’re in school, a small design team or a multi-national corporation; choosing the right license is an important step in getting the most out of our products. Take advantage of our free trial licenses, so you can see first-hand how our products can help you imagine, design and create a better world.Learn more about all Autodesk licensing options below or if you need help with a license you’ve already purchased, contact us at +64 9 302 4028.


Autodesk Licensing Options

  • Single User: For individuals or small to medium businesses requiring a specific number of users
  • Multi User: For medium to large organizations requiring many users
  • Students & educators: Prepare the next generation of architects, engineers and digital artists


Additional Information
Autodesk subscription | Maintenance plan | Switching Autodesk subscription

system requirements

What is BIM Collaborate? 

BIM Collaborate (formerly known as BIM 360 Coordinate) cloud-based design collaboration and coordination software connect teams, helping you execute on design intent and deliver high-quality constructible models on a single platform.

  • Stay up to date with design progress
  • Make smarter decisions with project insights
  • Assess constructability with automatic clash detection

System requirements:

What is BIM Collaborate Pro? 

For teams that co-author designs, BIM Collaborate Pro, formerly BIM 360 Design (read the FAQs), adds cloud collaboration capabilities for model authoring (includes Revit Cloud Worksharing, Collaboration for Civil 3D and Collaboration for Plant 3D).

System requirements:  

Bring together teams, workflows and insights 

Autodesk® BIM Collaborate and Autodesk® BIM Collaborate Pro cloud-based design and collaboration software connects architecture, engineering and construction teams on a single platform.

  • Improve communication with easy feedback tools
  • Accelerate timelines with live design co-creation (BIM Collaborate Pro only)
  • Reduce rework, RFIs and change orders with better construction documentation


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